Frightening corona second wave‌ .. Increased number of deaths in the country ..


India Corona Cases Update: Corona epidemic is booming in India. Is spreading more rapidly in the Second Wave.

India Corona Cases Update: The corona epidemic is booming in India. Is spreading more rapidly in the Second Wave. As a result, the number of new coronaviruses is increasing exponentially. The number of corona victims is doubling day by day. Recently, a large number of corona cases have been reported across the country. In the last 24 hours, 53,480 new corona cases were reported in India. The Central Medical Health Department on Wednesday released a corona bulletin to this effect. The corona caused 354 deaths. It is a matter of concern that the number of corona deaths between 100 and 200 so far is increasing further in the corona second wave. In the next 24 hours, 41,280 corona victims were discharged.

However, according to the Central Medical Health Department, the number of corona victims across the country has reached 1,21,49,335 so far. During the same period 1,14,34,301 people fully recovered from the corona. There are currently 5,52,566 active cases in the country. The corona epidemic killed 1,62,468 people. Central and state governments, on the other hand, have accelerated the vaccination process to control the corona virus. Authorities say 6,30,54,353 people across the country have been vaccinated against the corona vaccine so far.

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