From Finance to Health, ministers hear demands on the left for OE 2022


José Sena Goulão / Lusa

This week marks the resumption of negotiations on the 2022 State Budget with the parties to the left of the PS.

After Duarte Cordeiro, Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs, heard their main demands, BE, PCP, PAN, PEV — and non-attached deputies Joacine Katar Moreira and Cristina Rodrigues — now speak directly to the ministers of the respective folders.

the minister of finance, João Leão; the minister of Health, Marta Temido; she is a minister Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, are invariably the busiest, highlights Diário de Notícias. Possible dates and meetings are unknown to the press.

To Left Block, labor legislation, social protection and the reinforcement of human resources in the National Health Service are the priorities. In turn, the PCP it wants to reduce the IRS on the middle and lower middle classes and increase salaries in the lower categories of the Civil Service.

“We haven’t solved this yet. [Orçamento de Estado] which is in force, let alone what is to come”, said Jerónimo de Sousa about the 2022 State Budget negotiations.

“Right now, it is the finance minister who has the key to the safe in his pocket, so we will continue to battle. Otherwise, we are going to approve a budget that is worth two or three months and the rest is for the other and it cannot be”, he added.

A Communists’ priority is the current budget, which underline the non-compliance with budget execution in measures such as “free day care centers, issues relating to the National Health Service or risk subsidy for the security forces”.

Jerónimo also said that he refused to make the SNS a “bartering currency” for the negotiations.

efeb20e116d36b229fc2938a72878d80 From Finance to Health, ministers hear demands on the left for OE 2022 Daniel Costa, ZAP //