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From “obsession with Easter” to the sleeping country. Marcelo will not change the new state of emergency decree – ZAP


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The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, began to receive the parties this Tuesday to discuss the renewal of the state of emergency.

This Tuesday, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa started a new round of hearings with the parties, two days after the vote to renew the state of emergency in Parliament. The President received the Liberal Initiative (IL), Chega, ENP, PAN, CDS-PP and PCP.

On leaving, the parties hinted that the new decree will be very similar to the previous one. Therefore, there is no measure that points to a possible lack of definition, highlights the newspaper Public.

IL: “It looks like the country has fallen asleep”

The first to be received by the President of the Republic was João Cotrim Figueiredo. Upon leaving the hearing, the deputy of the Liberal Initiative said that there was no intention, on the part of the head of state, “to change anything in the state of emergency decree”.

“It seems that the country has fallen asleep, that there is no urgency. Everything is trying to fall asleep because they have already taken the political decision to only suspect it at the end of March, ”said the politician, speaking to journalists.

“Every day when the reopening of schools is postponed, we are jeopardizing the development of children, partly not recoverable”, said Cotrim Figueiredo, in defense of a scalable test plan aimed at teachers, assistants and students in order to guarantee a safe return to school.

The President of the Republic asked for a plan for the lack of definition, but “it seems that nobody asked for anything”, he also shot, lamenting the decision by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and António Costa that the confinement is to last until Easter.

According to Express, the leader of the Liberal Initiative confirmed that the party will vote against the renovation state of emergency.

Enough: “Obsession with Easter”

Like the Liberal deputy, André Ventura also defended that it was necessary to start preparing for the lack of definition. “It seems wrong to us to have to wait for Easter for a hasty, immediate and absolute lack of definition. It can make the situation even more out of control, ”said Chega’s only deputy.

Upon leaving the audience, Ventura told reporters that “the Government will maintain the same level of confinement, without any changes”, until the end of March and only because “a a certain obsession with Easter, because of Christmas, despite being incomparable ”.

The party leader considered that small commerce and catering should be given priority, albeit with “severe restrictions”, and warned that “there will be a time when we will be short of food on the table, short of money in the wallet and companies will close due to lack of treasury ”.

“Now what are we going to open for? For whom? ”He asked.

Regarding Chega’s vote, Ventura confirmed that the party will vote against. “I understand that, as it is, confinement is more destroying than helping and in conscience I could not vote in favor”, he justified.

ENP: “Planning should already be done”

Mariana Silva, deputy of the ecological party Os Verdes, guaranteed that “the President said that there is no change to the state of emergency”, in line with the statements by Cotrim Figueiredo and Ventura.

Like the deputies on the right, Mariana Silva warned of the importance of considering the lack of continuity while maintaining prevention and security measures. “The planning of the lack of definition should already be done, we await explanations from the Government on the subject”, said the deputy.

“We have been in this pandemic for a year, we have already been in peaks, in a lack of definition and we already know that the path must be taken in a planned way and with a lot of information. Let people not forget that, even after being vaccinated, they have to continue with all the safety measures ”, he stressed, after the hearing with the Head of State.

PAN: “Confinement is still necessary”

André Silva was the first political leader to agree to maintain the measures. Upon leaving the audience with Marcelo, he announced that PAN will vote in favor the renewal of the state of emergency on Thursday.

“If it is true that the number of cases and hospitalizations is better, it is not enough to leave this panorama of confinement and movement restriction. Confinement is still necessary to combat the pandemic, ”he said.

The official expects “that the Government is already preparing” the gradual reopening of the economy and the return to face-to-face education, but, questioned about the best time, does not risk any specific date.

“It should be when the numbers of transmission simultaneously, number of daily cases and hospitalizations in intensive care units are such that it is possible to suspect and return to classes safely”, he replied, quoted by the weekly.

For André Silva, more than talking about leaving, “it is necessary to talk about support for the economy, educational policies and vaccination”. The PAN spokesman also asked that the more than 10,000 students interning in the Health area be equated with health professionals in the priority of vaccination.

CDS-PP requires timing of the deflation

This Tuesday, after talking with the head of state, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos demanded the Executive to present a deconflation calendar.

“The success of the deflation depends essentially on what the Government is able to do and control the pandemic. It is not acceptable that the Government is always making the same mistakes, running after losses, confinement after confinement ”, said the leader of the CDS-PP, from the party headquarters.

The plan, according to the centrist, should start with the reopening of schools for students up to 12 years old and the lack of definition must be “Progressive” and “gradual”, in order to avoid a worsening of the epidemiological situation, which seems to be improving.

“The CDS requires the Government to define indicators that allow for the lack of definition, the public health indicators by which to start planning the lack of definition, similar to the English Government. The Government has to say what the R, the number of infected people, the use of beds in intensive care and hospitalizations, so that our lack of definition is a reality ”, he added.

PCP: Schools “are not the focus of the pandemic”

The last party to be received by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was the PCP. Jerónimo de Sousa defended that the Government should prepare for the reopening of schools, considering that they are not places of contagion of covid-19, and again defended that confinement “cannot be a solution with a wider scope than the exception”.

“The reopening of schools can animate and respond to these social and economic dramas. It has already been proven that schools are not the focus of the pandemic“Said the communist secretary-general.

Jerónimo also asked the President for “five priorities”, which should include the extension of tests to covid-19 and a wider screening framework. The vaccination process was called “turbulent”, with the PCP saying that it does not find tranquility in the promises that have been given by the Government.

For this Wednesday, hearings are scheduled in Belém with Bloco de Esquerda, PSD and PS. On Thursday, there is the debate and vote on the renewal of the state of emergency in Parliament.

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