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From “old” to “heartbreaking”. Party reactions to Cavaco’s criticisms


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José Sena Goulão / Lusa

The former President of the Republic Aníbal Cavaco Silva made sharp criticisms, this Saturday, to the Portuguese Government. PS, PCP and Left Bloc reacted.

This saturday, Cavaco Silva left harsh criticisms of António Costa’s Executive, stressing that the pandemic showed an “SNS weakened by wrong government decisions”. In addition, he referred that Portugal lives “in a situation of gagged democracy” and considered that the recent figures of the pandemic cause “shame”.

In reaction to the criticisms of the former President of the Republic, the deputy general secretary of the PS, José Luís Carneiro, considered it to be “always an opportune time for an act of contrition”, while being “touching to see Professor Cavaco Silva recognize that the Court of Auditors, the Public Prosecutor’s Office are not blocking forces ”.

“In other times we remember well the considerations and the requests to let the Government presided over by Professor Cavaco Silva govern,” he recalled, in a reference to the famous phrase of the Social Democrat “let us work”.

For José Luís Carneiro, “it is nevertheless moving to see that, now outside of executive functions, there is another perspective on how to govern and how to exercise political power ”.

Regarding the criticism of the SNS, the socialist leader considered interesting the recognition that “the SNS deserves to be strengthened”. “We well remember the lack of human, material and investment resources that the SNS has had for decades and of the very openness to privatization and the private sector, but it is better late than never,” he said.

Asked about Cavaco Silva’s criticism that Portugal lives “in a situation of gagged democracy”, the socialist replied only: “We have already managed to forget the police charges on the 25 de Abril Bridge”.

“It is the demonstration that free and democratic expression continues to demonstrate the quality of our democracy”, Answered the deputy general secretary of the PS, when asked about the harshness of the criticisms of the former prime minister of the PSD.

Cavaco “is old”

In an interview with RTP, on the PCP’s centenary day, Jerónimo de Sousa relativized the criticism of the ex-President that Portugal lives in a “gagged democracy”, considering it “exaggerated”, and stated that the former leader of the PSD “is ​​old”.

Asked about Cavaco Silva’s statements, the leader of the communists recalled the “deep criticisms of the PS and the government, particularly in economic matters” and in Europe, in which “there is a degree of submission” on the part of Lisbon to Brussels. “Hence to take as true that statement by the former President of the Republic Cavaco Silva is, at the very least, manifestly exaggerated”, He affirmed.

Then, he said that the intervention of Cavaco Silva, 81, can be seen as “a PSD tactic”, which “makes understandings with the PS on fundamental, structural issues” and then needs “some critical voices that, running out, they always help this tactic of reinforcing the PSD ”.

“People always deserve respect from me, but, in the sum of that interview, I think it’s old. Cavaco Silva is old”Concluded Jerónimo de Sousa, 73 years old.

“Collage with reality” problem

The blockist leader also responded to the words of the former head of state. Catarina Martins considered that Cavaco’s statements about the SNS are “a self-criticism”To the basic law that he then defended, pointing out a problem of“ bonding with reality ”.

“I assume that Cavaco Silva is making a self-criticism, since for decades there was a basic law that the PSD wanted and that Cavaco Silva wanted, a basic law that obliged the State to finance the private health sector, with prejudice to the development of the National Health Service ”, replied the blocker to journalists.

Although, precisely in the Government of the contraption, this law of health bases was revoked, the leader of the BE considered that “it is not in a year or two that a problem that was decades in advance is solved”, because the previous law “ created a huge fragility of the National Health Service ”.

Asked about Cavaco’s criticism that Portugal is experiencing a “situation of a gagged democracy”, Catarina Martins began by emphasizing that “some institutional respect for ex-Presidents of the Republic” is required. “But our disagreements are so great that I have a hard time even realizing what it is referring to. I think there is a problem even collage with reality”, He pointed out.

Concretely on the criticisms of the previous minority government of the PS, supported in parliament by all the left, the leader of the BE considered that there was “no news”.

“I have a hard time finding something to comment on that I don’t really see anything new about,” he said.

Liliana Malainho Liliana Malainho, ZAP // Lusa


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