Gangster turned chef … Unexpected twist after seven years!


Prime Time Zone, web desk: Hero is a gangster… Drugs, Mafia is doing a lot of anarchy. But the police can’t catch him. For some unavoidable reason, the hero puts a full stop to everything and turns into a good hotel chef. The hero starts a new life without ever being found by the police. Similar stories appear in almost every gangster movie. And what if a story like this happened in real life? Do you know somewhere .. in Italy.

There was a big gangster in the Dominican Republic in Italy. He was supplying drugs to the Netherlands. Italian police are still searching for him. But he was never caught by the police. However, his work has stopped since 2014. However, the police crackdown on him did not stop. Meanwhile cooking videos of a guy doing it on a YouTube channel have gone very viral. The man, who was making videos without showing his face, appeared suspicious to police. Immediately reopened the gangster case that closed 7 years ago.

In it, he compared the tattoos on the gangster’s shit to the tattoos of the man with the cooking videos. That was the only moment of shock. A big gang star incarnates as a chef and finds himself posting videos on YouTube. Immediately went according to a plan and arrested the gangster. Lane planned the whole thing in the movies but got stuck near the tattoos