Gas cylinder for 170 rupees .. Chance till midnight today ..


Gas Cylinder Bumper Offer: Prices of LPG gas cylinders in the country are skyrocketing. Currently cooking gas cylinder‌ ..

Gas Cylinder

Gas Cylinder Bumper Offer: The prices of LPG gas cylinders in the country are skyrocketing. Currently cooking gas cylinder‌ Dharu. Rs 870 (in Hyderabad). Many online apps are announcing various offers and cashback prizes to relieve and attract customers from these prices. Paytm, a popular online payments app, has also announced a bumper offer for its customers. Rs. Up to 700 can receive cash back. I mean .. you get a gas cylinder for only 170 rupees. However, this offer is valid for one day only today (March 31st .. until 12 midnight).

If you also want to get a cash back offer on gas, do this.
You must have the Paytm app on your mobile phone before availing this offer. If not, you will need to download it. In the Paytm, select the ‘Book a Cylinder’ option. There you will find Bharat Gas, HP Gas and Inden Gas options. If you are a customer of any of them, you have to choose that gas. Then the booking process should be completed. Your gas booking will be confirmed after entering the details. However, if yours is the first booking, Rs. You get a cash back offer of 700s.

Chance until 12 tonight ..
This offer is being given by Paytm .. It will end tonight. This means that the offer will be available until 12 midnight on March 31, 2021. Customers can avail this cash back offer only once. However, you have to pay the amount for the gas cylinder before making a cash back claim. After that you will get a scratch card. If you scratch it you will get cash back. This scratch card must be opened within seven days. Or else the cash back offer seems to have run out.

Rising gas cylinder prices
The prices of LPG cylinders are increasing day by day. At present, the price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder in the national capital is Rs 819. In Kolkata, Rs. 845, Rs. 819 in Mumbai, Rs. 835 in Chennai and Rs. 822, Hyderabad priced at Rs.871.50. LPG prices tripled in February. 25 on February 4, Rs. 50 on February 15 and Rs. 25 on February 25. Again on March 1 it was Rs. Increased by 25 per cent.

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