Gas cylinder price rises again


Hyderabad: Bad news for gas cylinder users. Oil marketing companies have decided to increase the price of gas cylinders. Oil marketing companies say the decision to increase gas cylinder prices has been in effect since January 1. This is the third increase in cylinder price in a month. During this period, the price went up to Rs 120. The price of a 14.2 kg non-subsidized LPG gas cylinder has gone up to Rs 694 on the back of the latest price hike. These rates apply in Delhi and Mumbai.

According to the Indian Oil Corporation IOC website, those who want to book a gas cylinder now have to pay Rs 17 more. Oil marketing companies revise the price of a gas cylinder on the first day of each month. These rates fluctuate in line with crude rates in the international market. The price of a cylinder may increase or decrease. It may even be stable if it is not. In December, the price of a 14.2 kg cylinder doubled. Reached Rs.100.

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