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Prime Time Zone, Movie: The heroine Elnaz Norozi had a strange experience. After completing the late night shooting in Goa, she decided to stay the night in her friend’s property. Before that, the mother-in-law wanted to attend a birthday party too. As soon as she got bored, she decided to come to her friend’s house and take rest. However, while making a video call to her mother before going to sleep at night, the heroine said through social media that it seemed that someone was trying to open the door. He wanted his friends to order any food .. to cross check with friends .. he was scared to say that there was none.

When the friends reached the house, the man climbed on the terrace and shouted that the heroine was his girlfriend and that the police had arrested him on information from friends. The police, who registered a case against the man from Delhi on a complaint by the heroine’s friends, released him after issuing a written apology. Police have also informed the family of the person about the incident.

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