Gonçalves Pereira is not re-candidate for “director’s exclusive option”


João Gonçalves Pereira / Facebook

João Gonçalves Pereira

The CDS-PP councilor at the Lisbon Chamber affirmed, this Friday, that he is not re-candidate in the next municipal councils due to the exclusive option of the current direction of the party, which was against the district and municipal bodies.

“This year, in the next municipal elections, by exclusive option of the current direction of the CDS, I will not be a candidate again”, wrote João Gonçalves Pereira in a post on his Facebook page.

“But my first word doesn’t go in that direction. It goes to the candidate for councilor Diogo Moura, who serves this city and knows it like no one else. And it goes to the candidate for president of the Chamber, Carlos Moedas, to whom I’ve already had the opportunity to wish good luck by phone since the first moment,” he added.

Regarding the decision of the centrist leadership, which excluded him from the list of the Lisbon Chamber, the councilman says that he was “against the district bodies and councils democratically elected by the militants” of the party, arguing that “your action speaks for itself”.

“For my part, the calm awareness of availability and surrender to the party that has always existed since 1995. However, about the consequences of their actions, I will only speak publicly after the local elections. AND, preferably, in congress“, pointed out.

The choice of Filipe Anacoreta Correia, instead of Gonçalves Pereira, for number two on the Lisbon City Council list is generating an internal war in the CDS. MEP Nuno Melo, former party vice president Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, deputy João Almeida and former leader Pedro Mota Soares were some of the critics.

Also Nuno Magalhães, former parliamentary leader of the CDS, in statements to the online newspaper Observador, lamented the fact that the board is more interested in “insulting former leaders who cannot defend themselves”, instead of concentrating on the struggle for local authorities.

“In view of the approval of the party leadership, a leader of the CPN (National Political Commission) had the madness to insinuate that a former CDS leader like me, who had given his best for 20 years, was not committed to the local authorities. A party that uses internal organs to insult former leaders is unlikely to have a future. No matter how young and modern you may think you look or be”, criticized the Christian Democrat.

Asked about Nuno Melo, who appears to be the most likely opponent of leader Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos in the next internal elections, Magalhães did not hide that he could be a good president of the party.

Nuno Melo will make a good president of the party, if you wish, if the militants so wish, and if that happens after the local elections”, he declared.

The Executive of the Lisbon City Council, chaired by Fernando Medina, is currently made up of eight elected by the PS (which includes Citizens for Lisbon), one by the BE (which has a governance agreement with the Socialists), four by the CDS, two from the PSD and two from the CDU.

In the race for the presidency of the municipality, the candidacies of Fernando Medina (PS/Livre coalition), Carlos Moedas (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM/MPT/Aliança), João Ferreira (CDU), Bruno Horta Soares (IL) have so far been announced ), Nuno Graciano (Chega), Beatriz Gomes Dias (BE), Manuela Gonzaga (PAN), Tiago Matos Gomes (Volt) and João Patrocínio (Ergue-te).