Good news for railway passengers .. 12 trains to be counted from April 1 .. Here are the details ..


Special Trains From April 1: The Railways is gradually increasing the services of special trains keeping in view the passenger congestion ….

Special Trains

Special Trains From April 1: The Railways has been gradually increasing the services of special trains in view of passenger congestion. The latest in the series is the South Central Railway, which is set to revive 12 more trains from April 1. These trains have several daily mail services and a few weekly trains.

Here are the details of the trains starting from April 1.

Vijayawada-Sainagar-Shirdi-Vijayawada (Mail Express): 07207/07208

Vijayawada – Secunderabad – Vijayawada (Mail Express): 02799/02800

Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam (Mail Express): 02739/02740

Guntur-Visakhapatnam-Guntur: 07239/07240

Gudur-Vijayawada-Gudur (Mail Express): 02734/02644

Narsapur – Dharmavaram – Narsapur (Mail Express): 07247/07248

These trains will be restored from April 1. These will be run as special trains by the South Central Railway. At present, the Railways operates express trains as special trains, but passenger trains have not yet been restored. Crowds are still waiting for regular trains.

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