Government admits that local elections can be held in two weekends – ZAP


António Cotrim / Lusa

The Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita

The Minister of Internal Administration admits the possibility of the municipal elections, scheduled for September or October, to take place on two weekends due to the pandemic of covid-19.

In an interview with Lusa, Eduardo Cabrita said that in the municipal elections “early voting is not foreseen”, but there is “openness to ponder models”, being “the distribution of the vote between two weekends perfectly possible”.

Noting that “everything depends on the Assembly of the Republic”, the government official explained that, in municipal elections, “voting in mobility is not possible because that would imply having as many voting ballots available as there are three thousand parishes in the country and, therefore, it would be a impossible logistical operation ”.

Asked about changing the date of the elections, Eduardo Cabrita referred that matters of electoral law are “absolute reserves” of the Assembly of the Republic.

Next March 25, the PSD bill will be discussed in the Assembly of the Republic, which foresees the postponement of the municipal elections from September / October to November / December due to the covid-19 epidemic in Portugal.

“The competence to change the dates belongs to the Assembly of the Republic, but the opinion I have is the same as the presidential ones. I hope that the health situation is clearly better, today it is clearly better than in January, but it proves today that we would not have gained anything in postponing the presidential elections ”, he maintained.

The minister also said that there is not any certainty “That the situation in December may be better than in September”.

The PSD put forward a proposal that foresees the postponement of the municipal elections from September / October to November / December because of the pandemic, but the initiative of Rui Rio’s party does not reap from socialists or blockers.

The PS has always spoken out against the two-month postponement and the Bloc also considers that changing the calendar will not be necessary. CDS, PCP e PAN they also don’t buy the idea and, therefore, there will not be an absolute majority that will be able to postpone the elections.

A survey of the Intercampus published on Thursday also revealed that the majority of Portuguese he does not want the municipal elections to be postponed.