Governors distrust the autonomy of the new Minister of Health – Prime Time Zone


This Tuesday morning, Marcelo Queiroga stated that the holder of the portfolio executes the policy elaborated by the Planalto Palace; ‘Is it a change in the view of the federal government?’, Asks governor of Piauí

Reproduction / Twitter @ mqueiroga2Cardiologist, Marcelo Queiroga is the fourth Minister of Health of the Bolsonaro government

Amid the worst moment of the new pandemic coronavirus in Brazil, with an increase in the number of deaths and collapse of the hospital network in several states of the country, the president Jair Bolsonaro announced, on the night of Monday, 15, the cardiologist Marcelo Queiroga as the new Minister of Health, the fourth since the beginning of his administration and the third exchange since the beginning of the health crisis. Before him, they commanded the ministry Luiz Henrique Mandetta, Nelson Pond e Eduardo Pazuello. Among the governors, Young pan, the change is viewed with good eyes, but the feeling of mistrust prevails in relation to the autonomy that the new head of the portfolio will have to elaborate effective and urgent measures in the fight against Covid-19.

Before taking up health, Marcelo Queiroga defended social isolation as a way to contain the proliferation of the virus and was against so-called early treatment, which consists of the use of drugs that do not have scientific proof against the new coronavirus. On Tuesday morning, 16, however, when he arrived at the ministry building, the cardiologist said that the plan of action against the pandemic is drawn up by the Planalto Palace. “The government is working. Public policies are being put into practice. Minister Pazuello announced the entire vaccination schedule. The policy belongs to the Bolsonaro government. The policy is not that of the Minister of Health. The Minister of Health carries out government policy. Minister Pazuello has been working hard to improve sanitary conditions in Brazil and I was summoned by President Bolsonaro to continue this work ”, he said.

The distrust of local managers can be summed up by the assessment of the governor of Piauí, Wellington Dias (PT), coordinator of the Governors’ Forum for the theme of vaccination. “The question I ask is this: is it a change of minister and also a change in the view of the federal government?”, Asks the PT. Governors call for national coordination to tackle the pandemic and focus on expanding vaccination – as Prime Time Zone showed, one of the reasons that contributed to Pazuello’s wear and tear was the breach of several promises related to the immunization schedule.