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During the pandemic, a limitation on transfers between units and exits to the private sector was created, which ended with the end of the state of emergency.

The end of the state of emergency implies the end of the limitation imposed on health professionals of not being able to leave the National Health Service or to be transferred to other units of the NHS.

Confirmation was given by the Ministry of Health to the newspaper Público. “It is confirmed that, with the end of the state of emergency, the requirement referred to in the question no longer exists.”

During the second wave of covid-19 in Portugal, a limitation was created that provided that, during the emergency, the institutions could mobilize professionals considered essential to ask for the termination of employment contracts, having to substantiate the decision.

The measure has now ceased to exist. The unions contacted by the morning man are unable to predict the impact that the end of the limitation will have, but remember that, before the pandemic, this it was already a reality.

During the state of emergency, the limitation underwent some changes, culminating in the version in which the entities had to substantiate the indispensability of professionals.

“Most entities rejected the nurses’ departure, but everyone who contacted us ended up getting the contracts to end, ”said Lúcia Leite, president of the Portuguese Union of Nurses Association.

Near half went to private entities, especially in the Lisbon area. In the North, there were more cases of transfer between SNS entities.

“There is no legitimacy for anyone to prevent the termination of the contract,” said the official, who admits that they may now happen more exits.

Guadalupe Simões, from the Portuguese Nurses Union, does not know if the impact of the end of the restriction will be great, but recalls that, in the union’s accounts, the number of nurses that exists in the NHS it is still insufficient for needs.

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