Heated politics in Bejawada .. Janasena candidates rushing into the campaign – janasena political heat


With Janasena supporters claiming to have won 1,500 seats in the panchayat elections, Swayana Janasena is urging the masses to come out on top in the municipal and corporation elections.

Janasena politics : Municipal elections will be held in Andhra Pradesh on March 10. With the YCP’s solid victory in the Gram Panchayat elections, the Opposition is campaigning with the aim of defeating the YCP in the municipal elections anyway. With Janasena supporters claiming to have won 1,500 seats in the next panchayat elections, the Janasenas are urging the masses to come to power in the municipal and corporation elections. In the political hub of Bejawada, the Janasena is loudly campaigning. The ruling YCP and the opposition TDP are ramping up their campaign against the candidates.

According to party sources, the change came with the victory in the recently concluded panchayat elections. Out of the total 64 wards in Vijayawada, Janasena fielded candidates in 37 wards. Janasena candidates are vying for the seats where YCP and TDP mayoral candidates are contesting. With this, poor leaders who do not belong to YCP and TDP are also campaigning in the field.

On the other hand, Janasena has fielded its party candidates in the rest of the municipalities in the state. Candidates are rushing towards the goal of winning. The supremacy suggests to the cadre that the panchayat results should be repeated. According to party sources, Janasena’s Pawan Kalyan will also take part in the municipal election campaign.

If this is the case then Janasena is slowly moving pieces to strengthen the party in the AP. Speed ​​increased after the 2019 elections .. Janasena is fighting public issues with an alliance with the BJP. Tirupati is gearing up for the upcoming by-elections as well as the municipal elections. Part of this was putting candidates in the ring. Political analysts believe that the first is using local elections to increase the cadre institutionally.

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