“I don’t want to be an actor.” Passos Coelho out of the race for PSD – ZAP


Manuel de Almeida / Lusa

Former Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho (D) greets PSD leader Rui Rio on the last day of the 3rd MEL Convention – Movement Europe and Freedom.

The presence of the former prime minister at the MEL Congress has become the center of discussion about the future of the right. He was received at the meeting as the desired leader, but for Passos, his new cycle, to exist, has not yet arrived.

Without saying a definitive goodbye to politics, Passos is irreducible in its unavailability, as he understands that it is early for possible returns.

For this reason, Pedro Passos Coelho rules out the possibility of running for PSD leadership.

However, the former prime minister knows that there is a part of the party – and the right – that wants it, but a return to active politics is not foreseen in the near future, making it very clear: do not count on him to dispute the 2022 direct elections. .

According to the Observer, the former prime minister’s wish is to stay out of the limelight for years to come and that any talk of a possible return to party leadership, with the data that exists today, is hasty.

Passos, who attended the two-day congress of the Europe and Freedom Movement, dismissed any political reading about his presence there. “None of this, none of this, none of this. I don’t want to be an actor ”, he referred to journalists’ insistence.

Passos repeated that he was not at MEL as an “actor”, but only because he was present at the Convention fed hope of those who feel that the “easiest” way to try to win the next elections would be with him.

During and after all the interventions of the Convention, Passos Coelho was always the focus of attention. There were several protagonists who criticized the absence of a marked leadership on the right in the PSD, capable of facing the left bloc.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, André Ventura and João Cotrim Figueiredo – the three party leaders to the right of the PSD – criticized the strategy chosen by Rui Rio of approaching the center and the insistent search for regime agreements with António Costa.

Already Miguel Pinto Luz, deputy mayor of Cascais and challenger de Rio in the last internal elections, he was the one who best synthesized the dominant thought of these two days of congress.

“Today we are talking about convergence simply because Pedro Passos Coelho is no longer the leader of the PSD. I have no doubt that Rui Rio would be much better prime minister than António Costa, the truth is that has no popular adherence, is not understood as a real alternative. And in democracy without winning elections, it is not possible to change the direction of the country ”, he affirmed.

Still, the ex-PSD leader doesn’t seem interested to be involved in these accounts and, if one day he decides to advance to the leadership of the PSD – and this scenario is not excluded – he will only do so if he understands that he has objective conditions to become prime minister.

For now, Passos continues to argue that there is no context in which, as a candidate, the right can govern in the coming years, the Expresso advances.