I have filed cases against that company: Saidireddy


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: MLA Saidi Reddy said a company had bought the disputed land. He said the company had filed cases against them on behalf of the farmers. He claimed to have pointed out the lands being manipulated. It is alleged that 2,000 acres of land were deeded to 9,000 acres. He said 9 people graduated on each acre. He said the issue of these lands would also be raised in the assembly. He challenged that he would resign if he could prove his connection with these lands. He said none of the tribesmen were involved in the attack.

It is learned that in Survey No. 540, 18,766 acres of land in Gurram Podu Tanda are being occupied by TRS leaders with the backing of the government, while Huzur Nagar MLA Saidireddy is alleging that TRS leaders are encroaching on land and calling for tribal rights.