If I give commission .. job!


Prime Time Zone, Kutch: Sanitation workers sweep the roads before dawn, clean up the debris and keep the roads clean. Their duties begin as early as midnight. If not, the garbage will pile up where it belongs. People get sick. Some avid officials are causing the suffering of such sanitation workers. It seems to be charging Rs.500 per month from each worker. If you take leave in any emergency, the same thing is required for a holiday of Rs. Information that threatens to fire you if you do not. As a result, the workers are not able to tell anyone and they are conscious of themselves.

Aidondalistene job

The Kutch circle includes Rangareddynagar, Subhash Nagar, Kutch and Jeedimetla divisions. Up to 350 sanitation workers are on duty in these four divisions. They are supervised by 22 Sanitation Field Assistants and two Supervisors, all of whom are DEs in charge. However, many workers complain that they have to pay commissions to the authorities every month when their wages do not arrive on time. The salary is Rs.500 to Rs.1000 to be paid to SFA every month. According to reliable sources, he is not on duty properly and is threatening to take a job. In the Kutchbullapur circle alone, Zenigalla is absorbing the hardships of the workers per month. Out of 350, 300 attend regular duties, but each has to pay Rs 1.50 lakh at the rate of Rs 500, while the other 50 have to pay Rs 50,000 each on leave. There are allegations of taking bribes of up to Rs 2 lakh per month from workers.

Like leaving PF money

Workers apply to the Provident Fund (PF) when needed. Here is the information that SFAs are not leaving either. You have to pay Rs.50 thousand to Rs.10 thousand at the time of application. Or so it seems. One worker was in tears that six months had passed but the PF money had not yet arrived. Meanwhile, the government provides medical kits to workers. Many are voicing that they are charging Rs 3,000 per person even to give medical kits in the end. And they must be told, many are pouring out that they are being harassed to cooperate with everything. It is believed that one worker was involved in a scuffle in Raghavendrakalani under Jeedimetla division and another worker in Venkateswarakalani under Kuthbullapur division ten days ago when the SFA asked him to give them money.

Absent if money is not given

It seems that even the allowance that comes every three months is not given. Recently, the authorities handed over 6 cans of oil and 12 cans of soap, but only one can of oil and one bar of soap. Do not give masks, gloves. Workers are openly debating whether they are threatening to sign off on digital signatures rather than give them the money they asked for when salaries were paid.

What about superiors ..?

However, it seems that the money should be collected from the sanitation workers and given to the superiors. Workers’ stomachs are eaten by lower-level officials ..? Or are the SFAs, supervisors and in-charge officers also sharing a little bit of food per capita? Is in doubt.

We will take action against them

Bhanuprasad, the DE in-charge, was asked for an explanation on the matter and said he did not notice that money was being collected. He said that if there is anyone who is taking money from the workers, action should be taken against them. Complain without fear .. Salaries fall directly into the workers’ accounts. If someone asks for money do not give. Complain directly to us without fear of being harassed. We will take action against the relevant staff.
– Mamata, Zonal Commissioner, Kookat Palli