If necessary .. KCR legs will be planted: Minister


Prime Time Zone Spokesperson, Mahabubnagar: ‘Employees, teachers, the government is the intestinal tract. Problems could not be solved due to some myths. We are accepting the responsibility of resolving those issues. May TRS candidate Vani Devi win with the highest majority in the forthcoming MLC elections, ‘said Ministers Niranjan Reddy, Srinivas Gowda and Vemula Prashant Reddy. Speaking to media at the TRS office in Mahabubnagar district headquarters on Monday, Minister Srinivas Gowda said that the BJP government, which has been privatizing state-owned enterprises in the country and giving money to millions of employees, has been praised by employees and teachers. Even more excited if the MLC makes Vanidevi laugh in the elections, the Chief Minister said he will go to KCR and take steps to solve your problems even if the legs are planted if necessary.

Later, Minister Niranjan Reddy said, “When the Telangana state government came to power, the Telangana government created more jobs than the BJP-ruled areas.” He said the state government was moving forward without compromising anywhere in terms of development. BJP leaders are incensed that they are making various conspiracies and looking to profit from this election anyway. No matter how wrong the Muslim minorities are .. the BJP has given them a chance. Everyone, irrespective of caste, stood up for the TRS and appealed to Vanidevi to win. Eddewa said BJP candidate Ramachandra Rao, who is the sitting MLC, had raised the issue. Afterwards, Vemula Prashant Reddy said that 32 lakh jobs have already been created and the process is underway for another 50 thousand jobs.