If you use that word .. Twitter block


Prime Time Zone, Features: It is well known that social media platform guidelines restrict the user from using malicious words in their posts. Tweeting those words will cause the account to be suspended or suspended. Recently, however, Tweeples (Twitter users) have used a specific term. Many of those tweeted accounts have recently been blocked. Last week, millions of accounts were blacklisted. What’s that word? Why does it happen?

The word ‘Memphis’ is the reason for the blocking of many Tweeples accounts. As soon as the word was typed, a message was sent to delete the tweet, and the Twitter account was shut down. That suspension lasted for 12 hours. Memphis is a major city in the US state of Tennessee, and is named after a Dutch footballer. Accounts are being blocked due to unforeseen consequences of ‘bug fixing’. Blocked accounts have been restored. We apologize for this, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.