Inexhaustible love across continents .. Are the two together?


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: They both fell in love. He wanted to get married after settling down in life. The boyfriend went to the Gulf country in search of a job. We wanted to be one when we came back. But the decision of the elders changed their decisions. The two became one, unable to leave one another. How to unite so far ..

Rakesh from Lakshmipur in Gollapalli mandal of Jagittala district fell in love with a young woman from Govindupalli. It was decided that the marriage would not be in trouble and that the parents on both sides would be persuaded to marry only after they were financially strong. As part of this Rakesh went to Dubai for a job a year ago.

However, the girl’s parents, who did not know about their love affair, saw her marrying another young man. Unable to tell their parents about their love affair .. Unable to forget their boyfriend and marry someone else, she committed suicide two days ago at home. Rakesh, who came to know about the matter recently, made a video call to his mother saying that he could not live without his girlfriend and took his life in his room in Dubai without being like his girlfriend. His video has now gone viral in the district.