It is now possible to renew your Citizen Card without leaving your home – ZAP



Citizens aged 25 and over will now benefit from the automatic renewal of the citizen card, receiving PIN codes and the renewed card in the mail.

From this Wednesday, the Portuguese over 25 years old who need to renew the Citizen Card and do not want to change any personal data, will be able to do it without leaving home. To do this, simply pay the fee through a ATM reference to receive the identification document by mail.

“If you do not need to change your name, signature, photo, address or contacts, you must do the ATM reference payment within the indicated period and will receive the new card at home ”announced today the Ministry of Justice (MJ) in a statement, which explains that a letter with the PIN codes and the reference for payment of the renewal will be sent 60 days before the expiration of the card as a citizen.

From the age of 25, the Citizen Card has a 10-year validity. However, if you request the renewal of the Citizen Card because it was lost, destroyed or stolen or stolen, the new card is a duplicate and will have the same expiration date as the previous one.

A Automatic renovation of the citizen card, which previously required confirmation by SMS message, is now “done spontaneously” with the automatic sending of the PIN letter, allowing “avoid travel to a service desk to renew and collect the card”, adds the statement .

The MJ stresses that the automatic renewal process for the citizen card “will allow the creation of more vacancies in face-to-face service for citizens, under 25 years old or subject to the regime of the accompanied adult, who, necessarily, have to use this face-to-face channel to renew their card ”.

“Upon receipt of the PIN letter and payment of the ATM reference, the citizen card will be sent by post to the address of its holder”, clarifies the MJ, noting that for security reasons, it is delivered exclusively to the holder, by means of personal identification , which may be the expired citizen card.

“Citizens who are not at home at the time of delivery must pick up their citizen card at a CTT store, indicated on the notice left in the mailbox. If the citizen does not pick up his / her citizen card from the CTT store, it will be sent to the IRN counter indicated on the PIN letter, where he / she can pick it up after previous appointment ”, he adds.

It is also available, since April 21, the sending of the citizen card to the home in the online and face-to-face renewals.

Until now, online and face-to-face renewals only allowed the pick up of the citizen card at the counter indicated in the PIN letter and by appointment.

With this new feature, citizens who renew online or in person can choose to delivery to home address, by registered mail and at no additional cost.

According to the MJ, since September 25, 2020, more than 350 thousand citizen cards have been delivered by mail. The postal delivery success rate is over 94%.

The MJ also informed that the offer of in-person renewal was also extended, being possible to renew the citizen card in 591 Citizen Spaces and make the survey in 62 of these branches.

In 2021, Citizen Spaces have already renewed around 50,000 citizen cards and delivered around 10,500.