Joice Hasselmann denies car accident: ‘It looks like a horror film mixed with comedy’ – Young Pan


A federal deputy claims to have been the victim of a politically motivated attack; Legislative Police investigates

Maryanna Oliveira/Chamber of DeputiesThe parliamentarian says she has five skull fractures, injuries to both knees, ribs and shoulders, in addition to having broken some teeth.

the deputy Joice Hasselman (PSL) testified to the Legislative Police of the Chamber of Deputies this Friday, 23. She reports having been a victim of what may have been an attack. According to the parliamentarian, she was watching a television series with her husband last Saturday, in the functional apartment in Brasília, when he went to sleep before her in another room because of problems with snoring. The next day, she would have woken up 7 am in a pool of blood. She says she doesn’t remember what happened at dawn. To journalists, Hasselmann said that she was seen first by her husband, who is a neurosurgeon.

“Stubborn as I am, I didn’t want to go to the hospital. after I had the first exam, my mouth was very closed, I couldn’t open it. As we thought it was a problem with the teeth, we were worried about having a dental tomography. When I did, the professionals realized that it was not such a simple thing and I went straight to the hospital. I stayed there for a few hours, but from the first moment I was taken care of by a professional in the area. I stayed for a few hours and from there I returned home.” The deputy said that she informed the police that she suspected that the property was invaded by someone with a copy of the key or who had been hiding in the house.

The parliamentarian says she has five skull fractures, injuries to both knees, ribs and shoulders, in addition to having broken some teeth. Joice Hasselmann says he’s already asked for access to the building’s security recordings. However, some locations are not filmed — such as stairs and the apartment entrance. According to her, measures were sent by the women’s bench to the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira. “What scares me a lot is the fact that there is no security camera on the stairs, no camera on the door of the building. I asked if there is in the garage, this is very important. There are several ways that, eventually, someone might try to break into a parliamentarian’s apartment. This is being discussed and we are going to forward measures to the president of the Chamber asking for the reinforcement not only of my security, but of all female parliamentarians.”

On social media, Joice Hasselmann said that she is still in great pain and under the influence of medication. During the press conference, she felt dizzy and had to be helped by assistants. The investigation will continue with statements from the husband, the doctor Daniel França, the driver and employees who visit the apartment. Joice believes that what happened had political reasons. “Don’t tell me you have another motivation. It can only be politics. Nobody would do that because they don’t like me. We’re talking about a parliamentarian’s house.” Just this Friday, she said she had received from a person linked to the Institutional Security Office that the folder would be looking for a car to claim that she had been in a car accident.

“They say they are looking for a crashed car, I wanted them to find it. If my car turns up all over the place, you know who did it. Someone from the press told me they received information from the GSI. My car is intact here, if you want to take an image now. Maybe he’ll be beaten in a little while. It looks like a horror movie mixed with comedy,” he said. Joice Hasselmaann also claims that since the incident, he has been letting two armed workers spend the night inside the apartment. She chose not to file an incident with the Civil Police of the Federal District and left the case under investigation only by the Legislative Police of the Chamber.

*With information from the reporter Levy Guimarães