Kangana Tweet: Bollywood ‘Queen’ reacts strongly to Kamal’s election promise … not enough salary but respect .. – Kangana Comments On Kamal


Kangana Comments On Kamal: Sushant Singh Rajput suddenly turned everyone’s attention to himself with his shocking comments after his suicide.

Kangana Comments On Kamal: Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut suddenly caught everyone’s attention with her shocking comments after Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. After all, the star heroine is always in the news responding to an issue. Mumbai has gone to war with the Maharashtra government in unison with the POK.
Meanwhile, Kangana, who has been silent for the past few days, once again made sensational remarks. It is known that actor Kamal Haasan has set up Makkal Needi Mayyam party and is campaigning in Tamil Nadu. However, as part of the election campaign, Kamal Haasan assured the people that ‘if they come to power, they will also recognize housework as a wage profession’. Recently, Kangana reacted strongly on the matter. Kangana Ranaut responded to a post by former minister Shashi Tharoor defending Kamal’s remarks.

Kangana Ranaut’s response to Kamal’s assurance.

Kangana tweeted about this .. ‘Don’t turn everything into a business. Working at home as a wife and mother is a woman’s right. Do not turn a woman who owns a home into an employee on her own. We do not need wages Respect in society. If you want to pay money for God’s creation, change your mind. ‘

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