Karthi Sulthan Movie: Do you know much about Karthi Sultan pre-release business? – Karthi Sulthan Movie Karthi Sulthan Movie Pre Release Business in Telugu States Details


Karthi has made a name for herself in the Telugu audience with her prisoner film. Now he is going to greet the Telugu screen as Sultan. Karti Sultan Movie Pre Release Business Details For You.

Karthi As Sulthan

Karthi Sulthan Movie: Tollywood movies are hitting the box office in a row. Every week at least four movies greet the Telugu audience, no less. The air of short films is mostly running. Along with them, Tamil films in the middle of the day greet movie lovers. The buzz of new movies in the first week of April is no longer the norm. Along with them, a Tamil film also stood in the race. That’s Sultan starring Karti!

Hero Karthi has a good craze in Tamil as well as Telugu. Karthi movies are well received by the Telugu audience. With the previous movie ‘Khaidi’, Telugu actress Karthi has become a hero with a unique image. Now Karthi starrer ‘Sultan’ is all set to make a fuss at the Telugu box office. Karthi, who had a good market with a prisoner in the Telugu film market, got into some deals with the next thief movie. But, business for Carty movies does not seem to have slowed down much

The latest movie ‘Sultan’ will be released on the 2nd of this month. Film Nagar talk that the pre-release business of the film is going well. Although the market seems to be declining with the movie Donga, it seems that there is a good demand for Karti’s new movie Sultan. Karti also had high hopes for Sultan Cinema. Accordingly, the pre-release business is reported to be in full swing. Karthi prisoner movie has earned nearly seven crore rupees in Telugu states. With this, it is said that the pre-release business of Sultan movie has gone up to Rs 6 crore. In other words, it seems that the Sultan movie was bought by the buyers considering the revenue earned by the prisoner movie.

Analysts say that the pre-release business details of the Sultan movie starring Karthi as the hero in the Telugu states are area wise.

Nizam 2 crores, Seeded 1 crores, Andhra 3 crores .. Sultan has achieved a total pre-release business of 6 crores.

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