Kassab says Rodrigo Pacheco’s candidacy for the PSD is a chance to unify Brazil – Prime Time Zone


National leader of the acronym stated that the invitation was made to the president of the Federal Senate and that he does not work with plan B

MATEUS BONOMI/AGIF – PHOTOGRAPHY AGENCY/ESTADÃO CONTENTKassab stated that the PSD is fully capable of hosting Pacheco and his possible candidacy

The national president of the PSD, Gilberto Kassab, bets on the candidacy of the president of the Federal Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, for the pacification of the country. According to him, the party intends to have its own candidate and does not work with an alternative to the name of the congressman. “We are in a regime where two of the pre-candidates have a very high rejection. This shows that there is room for emergence [de alternativa]. The PSD will have its own candidate. The best profile for you to present yourself is Rodrigo Pacheco’s because of his renovation and the seriousness that leads to his administration,” said the former minister. “We don’t have plan B. The invitation has been made. Rodrigo Pacheco is a very serious, thoughtful person and, at the right time, will analyze the invitation. I am fully convinced that he, understanding the circumstances, seeing the importance of his gesture’s contribution to strengthening the electoral process, will make his name available.”

In an interview with Morning newspaper, gives Young pan, Kassab stated that the PSD has full conditions to shelter Pacheco and his possible candidacy. “He has a very positive moral and professional background. For those who do not know him, he is a very successful lawyer who, very young, ended his career, or temporarily suspended, to enter public life. If he elected federal deputy for Minas Gerais, he was elected president of the Constitution and Justice Committee, he did a good job in the Chamber — which accredited him to stand as a candidate for the Senate. He was elected senator and, upon arriving at the Senate, he was elected president of Congress.” For Gilberto Kassab, Pacheco, if elected, can unify the country. “No more candidate winning election and, the next day, fighting opponents as if they were enemies. Rodrigo Pacheco’s candidacy is from a well-informed person, with integrity and who can represent this pacification, this renewal in command of the country.”

In relation to the debate about the printed vote, Kassab believes that, if installed, it could generate a very bad climate of questioning the elections. For him, the matter is ideal for those who want to disrupt the dispute. “Our system is shielded, it is auditable. Verification is carried out by the Electoral Court with monitoring of all parties. At no time was any chance of fraud identified. Very different from the moment before, when the calculation was with paper cells. The Brazilian system is admired worldwide by technicians, scientists. It’s a big investment, which several governments have made over the years, to strengthen our democracy with the consolidation of voting that is fast, efficient, safe and, each year, improves.” About a possible resignation of the president Jair Bolsonaro running for re-election, Kassab does not believe. “We cannot speak for someone else. But I imagine that, if that conviction was yesterday, it will change. I don’t believe he won’t run in the elections.” About the possibility of a impeachment, the former minister thinks that, if he has concrete reasons, it is inevitable. “So far there is nothing that justifies the opening of a lawsuit.”