Lewandowski allows Ricardo Barros access to data obtained by the CPI of Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


STF minister denied the deputy’s request to be heard in the Committee before the parliamentary recess

Ricardo Barros will have access to CPI data that quote him

the minister of Supreme Federal Court (STF) Ricardo Lewandowski partially responded to a request from the federal deputy’s defense Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), government leader in the Chamber, and allowed access to data obtained by the CPI to Covid-19 to mention it. The congressman also asked to be heard in the Commission before the recess, but the minister refused. Lewandowski decided that “it is not up to the Judiciary to assess or intervene in the power of agenda of the Federal Senate” and that the CPI has autonomy to decide which matters and statements will be guided. “Thus, it seems to me consistent with the evolution of the precedents of this Court, in the first place, to ensure the petitioner access to all the elements already gathered by the CPI that mention his person, except those relating to ongoing proceedings or that concern exclusively to third parties”, decided the minister. In testimony to the Commission, Federal Deputy Luís Miranda (DEM-DF) said that President Jair Bolsonaro had cited Ricardo Barros as involved in an alleged “rollover” in the negotiations for the Covaxin vaccine. The government leader denies the charges.