LIVE: Covid-19’s CPI hears a colonel who testified to an alleged request for a bribe for vaccines; follow – Young Pan


Marcelo Blanco is a former adviser to Roberto Ferreira Dias and attended a dinner at which an improper advantage for the purchase of doses of AstraZeneca was discussed

Photo: Najara Araujo/Chamber of DeputiesMarcelo Blanco testified to an alleged request for a bribe made by a nominee of the Health Center

A CPI to Covid-19 Hears, this Wednesday, 4th, the lieutenant colonel of the Army reserve Marcelo Blanco. Former advisor of Roberto Ferreira Dias in the Logistics department of Ministry of Health, he witnessed the alleged request for a bribe of $1 per dose in the purchase of 400 million doses of AstraZeneca that would have occurred at a dinner on February 25th in a restaurant in Brasília. Heard on July 1st, the Minas Gerais Military Police corporal Luiz Paulo Dominguetti, who introduced himself as the representative of the Giving Medical Supply, said he received a request for undue advantage from Dias, appointed by the Centrão for the position. On July 15th, Cristiano Carvalho, another Davati salesman, stated that Dominguetti had reported him a “commissioning” request that would be addressed to “Blanco’s group”. The colonel arrives at the commission supported by a habeas corpus granted by the Federal Supreme Court (STF). According to the decision, the deponent may remain silent on questions that could incriminate him, but he has an obligation to speak about facts he witnessed. Follow Prime Time Zone’s live coverage: