Lonely people are their target


Prime Time Zone, Kamareddy: The robbers have so far committed robberies targeting locked houses. They were completely reckless in their chosen area and committed thefts without finding evidence. Still some cases have not been solved by the police. Currently the focus of the thieves has changed. Selecting barren areas and paving the way for exploitation. Some recent events have come to light of late.

The recent thefts in Kamareddy district center have become a challenge to the police. The number of CCTV cameras in the district center is low and the number of cameras in the district center has come down as people in rural areas have not come forward voluntarily to set up cameras. With the recent SP directives, the people of the local colonies, in the name of Safe Colony, spoke to the concerned colony councilors and the police department paid special attention to the installation of CCTV cameras. However, thefts continue to occur. The robbers committed thefts at shops, wine shops and locked houses. No burglaries have been reported in the district headquarters since last month. However, there are recent reports of unidentified individuals robbing the suburbs.

Target people in rural areas ..

Thousands of people from rural areas flock to the district headquarters for various activities. When the night is over, they finish their work and return home. However, after 7 pm, people are less likely to roam in the suburbs of the district center. It seems that some of the thugs who thought the same thing had set up the suburbs as Rekki areas. The road from the district headquarters to Ramareddy seems to have become a barrier to looting. After crossing the Clerk Colony the road from the Galaxy Function Hall at the Bypass Bridge to Godown Road is deserted. The thugs chose the same area as their favorite place. It seems that some people have been roaming the area in groups since 7pm. It seems that one of them was standing on the road, stopping the bikes coming as a single when no one was there, making threats, attacking the oncoming ones and robbing them of their property. Such an incident came to light late.

Attack on man two days ago

Last Friday, Lakkakula Chandramouli of Ramareddy Mandal Kendra went to Tekrial village and returned at around 7:30 pm. As he descended the bypass at the Galaxy Function Hall, two men stopped him and asked who he was and got into trouble. At that time, seven other men came from behind and attacked Chandramouli. Chandramouli’s hand was severely injured in the attack. Chandramouli escaped from there without stopping the bike. The victim said he came home and was treated at a local RMP doctor and suffered 8 stretches. On the same day, Ramareddy called the SI and told him what had happened. However, he did not report the attack to the police in writing.

Three robberies in the past ..

A few days ago, it was reported that unidentified persons had robbed two persons at the same area. On his way back home from work in various shops in Kamareddy, a man was stopped near Gargul and his purse was snatched. Also, Gargul Kamareddy stopped another man in the middle and robbed him of up to Rs 5,000. This has made motorcyclists panic to go to the area at night.

We will carry out patrolling

Devunipalli police said they did not notice the robbery on the way from Kamareddy to Ramareddy. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Police said night patrols would be carried out in the area to prevent such incidents.

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