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Lovely spots .. Valentine’s Day Special


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Prime Time Zone Representative, Medchal: New Year lovers are celebrating the romantic tour differently. Rahul, a software employee who has been in Deep Love for three years, said they were going to Goa this time. Cox and Kings representatives say that not only Rahu but also most of the city’s youth are going to Goa. After Goa, places like Coorg, Udaipur, Shillong and Panchmarhi are popular among the urban youth. This time February 13th and 14th are holidays (second Saturday, Sunday) and the number of people planning their tours has increased. There are many Lover Spots in Bhagwannagar that will impress the lovers. The beautiful areas of the city are inviting for lovers who can’t go to distant places.

Last year the lovers did not go beyond the house for fear of the corona. With this the love birds postponed their tours. But, this time with the corona effect declining the love couples prefer to go to other places on Valentine’s Day. Representatives of Maruti Tours and Travels say that the number of people who have already booked tickets for tours has increased by 20 per cent. Representatives say they are also seeing good growth in bookings. He says airlines have introduced special offers for Valentine’s Day. Companies like Jet Airways, Go Air and Vistara have now come up with special packages just like they did for Valentine’s Day offers two years ago. Star hotels like Taj Group have made special arrangements for lovers. With the holidays on February 13th and 14th, many people are interested in making special trips.

Sudden Surprise ..

Some wanted to make Valentine’s Day more innovative, some to satisfy their cravings, some to surprise their necks, and some to show their love. In addition to the two days of vacation, another two days of vacation and many people went on short-term tours. They traveled to places like Goa, Ooty, Munnar, Shimla as well as nearby places like Bangkok, Maldives, Singapore and Macau. Age is not a barrier to love .. If those who have progressive thoughts that love will not diminish if they get married, travel like this .. Should they go far to show love ..? Some say that love can be expressed more romantically than in the city of fortune which has gained a reputation as a city of love.

Many parts of the city ..

Secret Lake ..

The fort pond, once known as the Secret Lake, continues to entertain love birds. The natural pond is one of the most beautiful places ever for lovers. The swing set up at the fort pond will further entertain the lovers.

Shamir Peta Pond ..

Being very close to the city, it is the best place to listen to the chirping of migratory birds soaking in the solitude of nature. Shamir can go to Peta pond in the morning and return in the evening. This is where the deer park entertains animal lovers.

Hussain Sagar-Necklace Road.

Areas like Hussain Sagar, Tumbagi, nearby Lumbini Park, NTR Gardens and Eat Street leave unforgettable experiences for newcomers. These places are known as the carafe address of many lovers.

Taramati-Baradari ..

Taramati-Baradari is also one of the best gateways if you want to dive into the melodies hanging in history. Ghazals and Qawwalis can also be enjoyed as Valentine’s Day is a Sunday.

KBR Park

KBR Park is located in the heart of the city. You can remember many memories of walking in this park holding hands. Those who are in love, those who are already immersed will never feel tired no matter how far they walk in this park.

Ananthagiri Hills‌

A short distance from the city, Ananthagiri Hills near Vikarabad is a romantic destination for lovers.

Hill Pochamma Reservoir ..

The hill Pochamma Reservoir is a sight to behold. There is a lot of gossip going on around the reservoir. You can view the beauty of the reservoir by traveling in pairs on a parachute set up there.


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Lovely spots .. Valentine's Day Special