Lovers: Cheating is the next level .. If you lock the house to meet secretly .. Boyfriend shocks girlfriend .. – A Boyfriend Shock to Girlfriend



Lovers: If the thief gives the key to the hand, the whole house will be emptied. The incident took place in Mumbai, Maharashtra. According to the police, a young woman from Mumbai had an acquaintance with a young man from Mazgaon on Instagram. That acquaintance turned into a love affair. It was against this background that the two met secretly. However, they both felt that it was safer to meet at home than outside. In this sequence, the young woman gave her boyfriend a duplicate lock of the house so that they could meet when their family members were not at home.

But the young man who took this as an opportunity .. shook her confidence. She was charged at home. Recently, all her family members, including the young woman, went to an event. The young man broke into their house. Robbed Andinakadi. On the other hand, the family members of the young woman who returned home .. found the robbery. Immediately complained to the police. About Rs. According to the complaint, goods worth Rs 13 lakh were stolen. However, after the young woman informed the police about the fake lock given to her boyfriend, the police caught the young man and interrogated him in their own style. He revealed that he did not pray about what happened with it. The police registered a case against the youth and remanded him.

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