Lucky Friends: Globo veterans debut Fernanda Young’s comedy


It’s still a week away, but in this Brazil mourning the death of Paulo Gustavo, it’s good to know that the humor will be back on Monday, 17, with a trio of friends who promise to invade streaming – Now, iTunes, Looke, Sky, Hi, Vivo, GooglePlay. Arlete Salles, Susana Vieira and Rosi Campos play Nina, Nelita and Rita. They are the Amigas de Sorte, a comedy directed by Homero Olivetto, based on the argument of Fernanda Young and Alexandre Machado. You know who this Olivetto is.

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Screenwriter for Bruna Surfistinha, the film that President Jair Bolsonaro wanted to make the banner of his crusade against Brazilian cinema, five years ago he made his feature debut with Reza a Lenda. As a northeastern western, starring Cauã Reymond, it was a stylish action film, very well photographed and set in the rugged landscape of the hinterland. Olivetto now changes the tone, and the landscape. Three female friends, mature women, who embark on a transformative journey. Arlete plays Nina, who works hard at the family restaurant and only finds encouragement in the connection with Rita and Nelita.

The three are always betting on the Mega Sena. Unexpectedly, they earn a fortune. They decide to do something crazy. Nina tells her husband that the trio will go fishing in the Pantanal, but they take a plane and head to Uruguay, staying at the chic Hotel Casino, on Carrasco beach, in a suite whose daily cost is R $ 15,000. Money is not a problem, but her friends accuse Nina of being a cowhand. Arlete says he is happy with life with the paper. “I always wanted to make cinema, the cinema did not want to know me. Now, they are discovering me. In addition to this, I have another film ready to debut, with Vera Holtz and Louise Cardoso.” Three other women and Arlete’s character, in Aunt Virgínia, regret the life they did not live. This is not what happens in Amigas de Sorte. Seniors, better age. “You don’t have to put my age, because, with all this scientific development, people are living longer. We’re still going to be 110 years old,” he jokes. But seriously – “We have to thank you for surviving in this storm (of the pandemic). I feel privileged to be taking care of myself, with my family, and to be able to bring a little joy to people with our film”.