Mandetta says Lula and Bolsonaro want to convince that there is no 3rd way: ‘They’re scared’ – Young Pan


Former minister criticized statements by the president and the PT, who said they did not believe in an alternative to the elections

José Dias/PRLuiz Henrique Mandetta was Minister of Health in the Bolsonaro government

Former Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta (DEM), possible presidential candidate in 2022, said that Lula (PT) and Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) try to convince that there is no third way for elections. “Bolsonaro and Lula want to convince you that there is no third way. They need each other and they’re scared. A third of Brazilians reject this nightmare and hope for a future of respect, dialogue, unity and seriousness in the fight against corruption #NemLulaNemBolsonaro”, escreveu Mandetta nesta quarta-feira, 21, em sua conta do Twitter. The declaration took place after Bolsonaro and Lula to stand against a third alternative to the presidential race. “There’s a biblical passage that says, whether hot or cold, don’t be lukewarm. So, third way, the people don’t swallow it,” said the president in an interview with Rádio Itatiaia on Tuesday. “It won’t add, it won’t attract the sympathy of the population. There is no third way, it is polarized”, he added. Lula, on the other hand, affirmed, through social networks, that the third way is an invention of parties that do not have a candidate. “They talk about polarization… What is on one side is democracy and on the other is fascism. Who’s without a chance uses the 3rd way as an excuse. It would be important for all parties to launch a candidate and test their strength”, he said.