Maoist support for the Visakha movement


Prime Time Zone, Crime Bureau: The (CPI) Maoist party has said it will fully support the workers’ movement against the privatization of the Visakhapatnam steel plant. In a statement issued on Monday, the Telangana state spokesperson said that Jagan had criticized the central and state governments for conspiring to sell the for-profit Visakhapatnam steel plant to private companies and milk thousands of families who have been earning a living for the past five decades. Provoking emotions and racial mania in the country, the Brahminical Hindutva fanatical BJP government and the Sangh Parivar forces are bragging that they are living in a pub.

He said it was a shame that Prime Minister Modi was campaigning for the privatization of public sector enterprises in order to develop the country. He said the 2019 Forest Rights Act is being brought in and is trying to drive the tribals who have been living there for generations out of the forest. He recalled that Coal India had sold coal mines and pushed workers into the middle of the street and made them unemployed. He said the Maoist party Telangana state committee was giving full support to the workers and people of Visakhapatnam steel plant who were fighting against privatization.

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Prime Time Zone Career Maoist support for the Visakha movement

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