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Marcelo receives parties. PSD asks for a brake in the most risky municipalities


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António Cotrim / Lusa

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa heard the parties throughout this afternoon. The renewal of yet another State of Emergency is in the sights, but there are those who do not agree.

The President of the Republic started by receiving the Liberal Initiative. After the audience with Marcelo, João Cotrim Figueiredo said that “at the meeting we started by reviewing what was said in the morning at Infarmed and we were both in agreement that the data are positive and justify the continuation of the lack of definition ”.

The deputy also underlined that “the data is good, per se, but we have the monitoring of these data with greater testing and, with that, greater solidity of the data and all that may be behind a decision to continue to suspect”.

Cotrim Figueiredo considers it “crucial to maintain what seems to be fading a little, which is the sense of urgency and acceleration of testing plans and screening and, above all, in the vaccination plan ”.

Mrs d’Os Verdes (ENP), Mariana Silva, came back to speak out against the renewal of the State of Emergency and considers that the country has “all conditions” to advance in the plan of deflation.

For its part, the CDS wants the policy of testing in schools to increase and also to include students, not just teaching and non-teaching staff.

That was the perception with which the party leader Cecília Anacoreta Correia he stayed after listening to the experts at the Infarmed meeting, since it was said that “the frequency of infection of students is identical to that of school professionals”.

The secretary general of the PCP, Jerónimo de Sousa, says that the compulsory closure of economic activities cannot be the Government’s solution to combat the pandemic and calls for the acceleration of the vaccination plan.

Criticizing the Executive’s strategy, the communist leader considered that the decisions that have been made still do not correspond to the balance between combating the pandemic and the health of the economy and that the state of emergency framework remains to demonstrate the “effectiveness of many of the measures ”adopted.

The Left Bloc is concerned with “the trivialization” of the State of Emergency, which is heading towards the 14th reissue. Catarina Martins he said that the party understands that there is a double need to move forward with the gradual de-escalation that was expected without calling into question the pandemic figures, especially given the delay in the vaccination plan.

Between advancing or imposing new measures, Catarina Martins is certain: “a suspicious country does not need a State of Emergency, therefore if the new phase proceeds without further measures”.

On the other hand, the People-Animals-Nature Party (PAN) confirms that it will once again support the renewal of the State of Emergency, which will be voted on in Parliament on Wednesday.

Finally, the president of Chega, André Ventura, argued that the current lack of definition of restrictions to combat the Covid-19 epidemic “cannot stop”, underlining the need for “massive testing”, especially in schools, and continuous vaccination of the population.

“Schools are a focal point. It is necessary to massively test, continue to control the educational and school community in terms of new infections and outbreak control, but the process of deflation cannot effectively stop, ”said André Ventura in a video statement.

Rio worried about risk advice

At the end of the audience with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Rui Rio has no doubts that the next step to take is to put a brake in the municipalities that are already above the risk threshold – even if it involves localized outbreaks. It is the only way to prevent the “brake in a month or two” from having to be applied across the country.

According to the PSD leader, “the idea is not to continue the global deflation in the whole country, that is, not to do so in the counties that have the highest risk indicator, as well as in the neighboring counties”.

Rio argues that “if we don’t crash there, we’ll have to crash the whole country again in a month or two”, recalling the warning from experts that within a month, if we continue with this pace, we can duplicate the cases.

Asked about the renewals of the State of Emergency, and whether this one will be the last one or not, Rio kicked Marcelo and made it clear that he will not impose barriers.

“As soon as it is not possible to have a State of Emergency, I think the President of the Republic is the first person interested in this, we fully trust what the PR wants to do and we support it. If it is no longer necessary to renew more, so much the better ”, he concluded.

Ana Isabel Moura Ana Isabel Moura, ZAP // Lusa


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