Márcio França: ‘Yesterday Doria invested in BolsoDoria, tomorrow she will amend LulaDoria’ – Prime Time Zone


In an interview with Pânico, a politician criticized the actions of the state and municipal governments in combating the pandemic in SP: ‘They abused the right to make mistakes’

TIAGO QUEIROZ / ESTADÃO CONTENTMárcio França stated that the managers’ ‘inexperience’ impacted a gym in São Paulo

In an interview with the program Panic, gives Young pan, this Friday, the 19th, the state president of PSB-SP, Márcio França criticized the way in which the government of São Paulo and the capital city government are leading the new coronavirus pandemic. “Governor João Doria is so quick that yesterday he invested in ‘BolsoDoria’ and tomorrow he should amend ‘LulaDoria’. He doesn’t know what he is doing there, his goal is to be a political candidate and to live attending events. From the point of view of the policy of São Paulo, it is possible to note that we were very unlucky because we elected a mountain of young and inexperienced people to act in the state government and in the city hall. Now, we face this chaos. São Paulo is the epicenter of Covid-19 in Brazil. For the most developed state in the country, we were unable to invest in any innovative solution and we are breaking a death record after another. They abused the right to make mistakes, ”he said.

For France, São Paulo is mistaken when deciding to close establishments, narrow the hours of shops – “generating crowds”, reduce bus fleets and ask citizens to stay in their homes without offering financial assistance. “Politics is also hope, it is not just management. Governments need to come up with creative solutions to problems. In the face of crises, there needs to be leadership. We hope that leaders will lead the population. Otherwise, people are disoriented. We face this serious moment because none of them has experience with hard problems. They just wait for the crisis to pass, they don’t propose solutions. However, we must remember that after chaos, there is always more chaos. For example, the lack of management and preparation can be seen in the absurd fact that they set up, dismantled and needed to reassemble field hospitals in the midst of the health crisis. ” In his most recent decisions, the mayor Bruno Covas (PSDB) decided anticipate five holidays to try to contain the spread of the pandemic in the Capital. The governor João Doria (PSDB) contradicted requests from municipalities by stating that will not decree lockdown in the state.

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