Marco Vinholi says that Doria should win the PSDB’s preliminary elections for the 2022 elections – Prime Time Zone


President of the PSDB of São Paulo highlighted the important internal support that the governor has been receiving

RENATO S. CERQUEIRA/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTJoão Doria faces internal PSDB dispute to be the candidate of the legend for the presidency of Brazil in 2022

the president of PSDB from São Paulo, Marco Vinholi, said this Monday morning, April 4, in an interview with Jornal da Manhã, that the governor João Doria should be the winner of party election previews, scheduled for the 21st of November. If confirmed, Doria will become the name of the party running in the 2022 presidential elections. Vinholi pointed out the moves that the governor has been making in recent months, dialoguing with internal leaders and receiving important support. Currently, the biggest opponent of Doria in the party’s internal dispute is the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite.

“Under the government of João Doria, we reached 240 administrations in São Paulo, the strongest moment in the history of the party in the state. Parallel to this, he is working in the caucuses throughout Brazil at this time, dialoguing, receiving fundamental support: from the party leader in the Senate, in the Federal District, from the PSDB vice-president in Minas Gerais, from the general secretary of the party in Mato Grosso do Sul. João Doria is working and dialoguing with the population all over the country at the moment, in the party previews, in which he is making good progress and, for sure, he will be the winner in this process”, said Vinholi.

The party president in SP also acts as the State’s Regional Development secretary. In the same interview, he also commented on a new program that the state government is launching, the “Most Holy Houses”, which allocates R$ 1.5 billion to philanthropic hospitals, an increase of 25% in the allocation of resources. The amount will also be used to finance a photovoltaic system with subsidized interest, to reduce energy generation expenses in these establishments. “The Government of the State of São Paulo advances with post-pandemic policies. A lot was dammed up, in terms of exams and surgeries during this period and, therefore, this strengthening given by Governor João Doria to the Santas Casas will make a difference at this moment”, he said.

Vinholi explained the impact of the project and how the distribution of the resource among the institutions should take place: “The program will take to the 333 holy houses and philanthropic hospitals throughout the state of São Paulo an investment of over R$ 1.5 billion, working on the productivity of these hospitals. Those who produce more public health, more SUS, will have more resources from the state government to benefit the entire population. The more people that are attended, the more procedures are carried out, the more public health these entities do for the benefit of the population, the more they will receive. These resources will come to support these hospitals to carry out surgeries, exams, a large number of fundamental procedures, improving public health”. According to the secretary, the program is the largest existing in Brazil to support philanthropic hospitals and holy houses.

In addition to contributing to more care and medical procedures, the resource can also be used for institutions to invest in photovoltaic energy, so that they can save on energy costs. “When we launch this financing program for photovoltaic plants, it is because it was something announced by the federal government, but it was not fulfilled. We saw this need, the claim of the holy houses, and now we are supporting them by the state government in this too. There is a lot of federal investment needed, yes, supporting our philanthropic hospitals. But we are going to strengthen the state’s investments at this moment when we reach the historical record for the 2022 budget”, stated Vinholi.