Marconny says he’s a ‘bad lobbyist’ and Aziz quips: ‘It was like the coyote behind the Road Runner’ – Young Pan


The deponent said that he would remain silent throughout his hearing and was reprimanded by the senators: ‘You hit the table and come here with a fist’, said the president of the CPI

Edilson Rodrigues/Senate Agency – 06/09/2021Marconny was supposed to have been heard on Thursday 2, but he didn’t appear in the Senate

In his opening statement, lawyer Marconny Albernaz de Faria denied the nickname of a lobbyist and said he was “embarrassed” at having his “life exposed”. Faria is appointed by the CPI members of Covid-19 as a business intermediary for Need Medicines with the Ministry of Health. “What the extracts from my conversations show, unfortunately, is that I have great friends. If I were a lobbyist, I would be a terrible lobbyist, because I was never able to transform my social relations into contracts with economic results”, he said. Afterwards, he stated that he would remain silent throughout the hearing. “May God bless you all, Our Lady go ahead and a good audience to all”, he concluded.

The deponent’s tone irritated the senators. While reading her introductory text, Faria hit the table several times, attacked the press for what she called a leak of “illegally accessed communications” – the content of the conversations was passed on to the CPI of Covid-19 by the Federal Public Ministry of Pará, who seized the lobbyist’s cell phone. Marconny said he wasn’t running away from the commission because he hadn’t even been notified of his summons. The president of the collegiate, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), reacted: “You say that it was not communicated, but you went to get a 20-day medical certificate for what? If you were a public servant, you get the certificate for missing work, toil. Why did you get a 20-day certificate, if you are from the private sector? If you said you didn’t know you would have to come here, why did you go after a certificate? You’re knocking on the table and saying it wasn’t communicated. You arrive here with a sledgehammer”. “There was a drawing of Road Runner and the coyote. The coyote was trying to catch him, but Roadrunner managed to get away. You were the coyote, right, and the Brazilian State was the Road Runner. You tried to get along and you didn’t succeed at all,” Aziz continued.