Maria Cristina Portugal, president of ERSE, died. I was 56 years old – ZAP


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Maria Cristina Portugal, President of ERSE

The president of the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ESRE) died this morning, aged 56, informed the energy sector regulator.

On a note of regret, ERSE communicates with “great consternation the sudden death of Dr. Maria Cristina Portugal, occurred in the early morning hours of September 8, 2021″.

Maria Cristina Portugal has chaired the ERSE Board of Directors since May 2017, having previously served as a member of the Board of Directors and as chairman of the Tariff Board for 15 years.

“The members of the Board of Directors and employees of ERSE pay heartfelt tribute to Dr. Cristina Portugal and join the pain of your family, assuming the commitment to continue its commitment and enormous dedication to the service of ERSE”, reads the same note.

The Minister of Environment, João Matos Fernandes, has also already issued a note of regret, considering that the contribution of the president of ERSE “to the development of the Portuguese energy sector was decisive, as well as her role in stabilizing the regulatory framework that allowed for the great impulse of renewable energies”.

“In the two years we worked closely, I learned to admire his professionalism and independence, values ​​that he left at ERSE and that he knew so well to transmit to those who worked with her”, wrote the governor.

“On behalf of myself and the entire team at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, I present to family, friends and colleagues the my heartfelt condolences“, it can be read.

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