Mario Frias revolts with the use of ‘todes’ by the Museum of the Portuguese Language: ‘Vandalizes culture’ – Prime Time Zone


Special Secretary for Culture promised to take measures to prevent public money from being spent on ‘ideological pirouettes’

Reproduction/Youtube/Jornal da Cidade OnlineMario Frias is the special secretary of Culture for the Bolsonaro government

The Special Secretary of Culture, Mario Frias, was enraged by a publication of the Museum of Portuguese Language using the term “todes”, normally used by the adepts of the neutral language. The establishment celebrated its return after five years closed due to a fire. “In this new phase of MLP, the comma —a slight pause, I breathe— represents the beginning of a space open to reflection, inclusion and a call to all, all and all speakers, or not, of our language: come, come back. ” Regretful for releasing a budget for the renovation of the museum, former actor of “Malhação” expressed his regret and promised to take measures to prevent public money from being released in “ideological pirouettes”.

The federal government invested R$56 million in the works of the Portuguese Language Museum to preserve our cultural heritage, which depends on the preservation of our language. I will not accept that this investment is used for public agents to play revolution”, Frias tweeted. “I will take steps to prevent them from using federal public money for their ideological pirouettes. If the government of São Paulo behaves like a militant, vandalizing our culture, it will not do it with federal funds.”