Marketing: MATH repositions brand with investment triggered


It looks like alphabet soup, but it isn’t. Three ‘maths’ decided to team up to improve the relationship between brands and people in the areas of marketing, digital media and technology. And using exact sciences. THE Math Ads, Math Mkt e Math Tech created a holding, the MATH, 100% Brazilian, with the objective of growing 400% in five years, reaching R$ 100 million in sales.

This is another step in the expansion trajectory started last year, when the data science company Math Marketing it’s at Connect Interactive Marketing – 26 years on the market – they decided to incorporate the Uords, specializing in marketing strategies. The investment in Uords, in October 2020, was R$ 1 million. For the expansion of the group – now renamed MATH – the investment in progress this year is R$ 5 million.

With a customer portfolio that includes Santander, Itaú, BV Financial, OLX, YDUQS, SEB Group, CNA, Unimed, Deeply in Portugal and STIHL, MATH has three investments set for the next 240 days, but not yet subject to disclosure, informs the EXAME IN, Marcel Ghiraldini, VP Growth da MATH.

The executive explains that the holding is, in practice, the result of the high growth and product market fit of Math Marketing, originally a spin-off of Conectt and the incorporation of Uords, in addition to the strategic review of the company’s presence in Europe. MATH has offices in Europe and America and operates in twenty countries, optimizing the data structure of companies from different sectors, assets and digital media to accelerate business growth.

“We decided to review our market positioning and went through a diagnosis with stakeholders: customers, partners, team and partners. And we understand that we have a single purpose for all our companies: the application of exact sciences to improve the relationships between brands and people”, says Ghiraldini.

In an interview with EXAME IN, the executive ponders that in life, science is based on testing hypotheses and evidence. These evidences are translated into data, hypotheses become theses and consequently models. This reasoning can be used from the prescription of a diet or to improve the relationships between brands and people.

“We chose the second possibility and took into account everything from experiments in micro moments (I’m the best text in an ad) to what clues a customer gives that increase their propensity to make a mark. When creating the theses, we separate the data that matter, Right Data instead of Big Data, and we can carry out new experiments that improve these relationships and generate more value for everyone involved”, explains Ghiraldini.

success case

The executive adds that the group has specific units of action. Math Mkt connects the marketing and sales cycle to improve relationships between brands and their audiences through data intelligence; Math Ads leverages results through digital media so brands are relevant to their consumers and markets; and Math Tech applies technology to create digital assets and organize data in projects that bring brands and people together.

A MATH case involved one of the largest banks in the country to enable the restructuring of its online sale of credit cards and implement a model for measuring and visualizing results in real time, which included investments in digital media, web data analysis and integration with internal systems for data driven execution. One of the solutions found was the implementation of an analytics and data science operation as part of the card performance table. And MATH was integrated into this table with other areas, to monitor the evolution of the sales platform and refine the analysis.

The approach resulted in an increase in the sales volume of approved cards per month from 500 units to 20 thousand units, a reduction in the cost of acquiring cards, creation of a specific sales channel for account holders of 3 thousand cards per month and an increase in operations in ATMs.

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