Marques Mendes defends the expulsion of denial judge from the magistracy


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Luis Marques Mendes

A commentator negatively evaluated Carlos Moedas’ performance in the debates with Fernando Media, praised António Costa, recommended the use of a mask in the street despite the end of the obligation, and threw himself into the pharmaceutical lobby.

In your political commentary space on SIC last night, Luís Marques Mendes defended the expulsion of Rui Fonseca e Castro, the denial judge in relation to covid-19 and who last week staged a controversial episode with various members of the forces of authority.

“The behavior of this man had already been very strange for some time as he was in charge of the district of Odemira, with behaviors that are neither typical of the impartiality nor the independence of a judge. And now, with this behavior in recent days, before the PSP and then inside the room, before the Superior Council of Magistracy, that is absolutely intolerable. This man does not know how to behave like a citizen and much less like a judge. This one is violating all the duties of a judge. There is no other solution let it not be to expel this man from the magistracy.”

About the meeting on the 8th, where the Superior Council of Magistracy will analyze the case, the former parliamentary leader of the PSD called for an intransigent position. “It takes a exemplary attitude. This is not a minor case, nor is it a miscellaneous. If you don’t nip evil in the bud, and if you don’t get caught up in behavior of this nature, this compromises the image of judges, magistrates and the judiciary.”

On another topic, that of the municipal elections on the 26th of September, Marques Mendes considers that Carlos Moedas couldn’t get superior to Fernando Medina in the face-to-face that the two have been doing on television. The commentator even defends the idea that Coins “wasted an opportunity” when he needed to put “Medina defense”, something that “did not succeed”.

Even so, the commentator is also of the opinion that the current mayor of Lisbon “was not brilliant“, with signs of “arrogance” e “aggressiveness“. “The problem with Coins is that it needed to clearly win the debate. To be on the attack. From putting Medina to the defense. And that he failed. Now he has the electoral campaign”, he suggested.

Upon António Costa and the recent announcement about the IRS descent through the breakdown of the levels, Marques Mendes cataloged it as a measure that “goes in the right way“, despite the lack of important details, as noted by the Observer.

“Is big political and electoral move. He is the prime minister at his best, skillful. Announces that it will deploy two levels of the IRS. But it doesn’t say anything concrete. What developments will it make? How many new tiers will you create? What fees will you apply? What specific reductions will people have? Concrete, nothing. In other words: generates a good impression; create high expectations; everyone applauds; in the end, it is more likely that it will be a merely symbolic relief”, he anticipated.

As for the pandemic evolution in Portugal — which is now entering a new phase, in which the use of a mask in the street is no longer mandatory — the politician believes that this object of protection should continue to be part of citizens’ lives, for the sake of common sense. “The mask will no longer be mandatory on the street, but I think it is recommended to wear it in many circumstances,” he explained.

“I would recommend, no paternalism, that it’s good to always carry the mask in your pocket.” In Marques Mendes’ opinion, this precaution will be especially important in the coming months, as it can help “greatly mitigate the effects of the flu“, similar to what happened the previous winter.

In the same context, the politician reproached the administration of third doses vaccination in Europe, which will have immediate and negative effects in territories where even health professionals are not inoculated. “In the Western world, namely in the European world, a great selfishness. To have a third dose in the European Union, for example, millions of doses are bought and administered. There are, therefore, millions of doses that will be lacking in poor countries”, he explained.

The influence that big pharma exercise over major European governments was also addressed by the commentator. “Right now, there is a lot of lobbying pressure from pharmaceutical companies who, of course, want a third dose to be applied and tomorrow a fourth and a fifth, because make a lot of money with it.” Marques Mendes also underlined the lack of scientific studies defending the third dose of the vaccine and called for a debate on the issue.

Finally, Luís Marques Mendes spoke about the death of the former President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio and the funeral ceremonies that took place over the past weekend.

“It was a tribute highly consensual, it is not normal in Portugal, it is very rare. But I understand that this is so because Jorge Sampaio was, in general, in the way of doing politics, a prince. He was very close to people and was a man deeply respectful of his opponents. In every opponent he had, he usually next made a friend. It’s a life lesson.”

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