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Documents showing that the Secretary of Health proposed to the Portuguese government the use of drugs without proven efficacy in combating Covid-19

Jefferson Rudy/Senate Agency – 05/25/2021Health Server criticized the commission’s performance, alleging that data was leaked illegally

A CPI to Covid-19 in the Federal Senate obtained documents that show that Mayra Pinheiro, secretary of the Ministry of Health, proposed to the government of Portugal use drugs without proven efficacy in combating the pandemic. Speaking to Cristina Graeml, commentator on the program Os Pingos no Is, from Young pan, the civil servant criticized the performance of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI), alleging that data was leaked illegally. “O what the senators are doing is to disclose the emails where there is an action by the STF, it is a precautionary measure in fact, that none of the documents sent to the CPI can be publicly disclosed until the commission be closed”, said Mayra, who was heard by the collegiate in May. The subject resurfaced, however, with the release of a video by the press. In the images, the secretary asks for help in formulating questions to send to the government parliamentarians in the committee.

A The doctor would have done a kind of training by videoconference with the participation of researcher Regis Bruni Andriolo and also secretary of the folder Helio Angotti Neto. “Sand you could ask three, four little questions that you think the deputies [senadores] can make me, understand? We have a group that supports us, that recognizes our work. This group needs to ask questions, regarding their right to interrogate the deponent, to help us in our speech. So what questions can I give senators to ask me? they play for me score the goal,” he said. NIn the recording, Mayra Pinheiro does not mention by name which senators would help with the CPI.

*With information from reporter Fernando Martins