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The Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina.

Fernando Medina has a tough challenge ahead, after the right has joined hands in Lisbon, in a megacollection led by Carlos Moedas.

The socialist Fernando Medina he is being threatened by the union of the right, which may be enough to make him fall in the capital. Still, he holds on to the hope that the useful vote on the left will win him the camera. The presentation of your application should only happen in June, according to the Express.

Duarte Cordeiro, president of the Federation of the Urban Area of ​​Lisbon of the PS, looks at this mega-coalition as a “coalition of necessity”.

“They had a very bad result four years ago and eight years ago. A coalition of the whole right does not mean a strong result nor can it be understood as anything other than the recognition of our strength in the city, ”he said, speaking to the weekly.

There are also those, within the PS, who defend that the right-wing union can even serve as an asset to the party, being able to promote the mobilization of the socialist vote and of some left that does not identify with the candidates. Basically, the left / right bias may favor, at a later stage, the concentration of votes.

The socialist’s campaign strategy is still being drawn up, but it is expected that Medina will bring new faces and concentrate his speech on the connection of Coins to the Passos Coelho Government and on some measures.

“Carlos Moedas was in favor of privatization of Carris. We reversed privatization and today it is a well-managed municipal company. It was against the single pass and subscribed to the Assunção Cristas lease law, which created a disruption of the market, which we have corrected, ”said Cordeiro.

To the Express, Pedro Magalhães, a politologist and researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) at the University of Lisbon, said that Moedas faces two major challenges.

“First, we have to go back 20 years to see a Mayor of Lisbon being defeated at the ballot box and, even so, by very little,” he said. The second is that, “this time, there is Enough”And that since 2007“ the right, all together, has fewer votes than the PS ”.

“Nobody knows what Chega will be worth in municipalities in Lisbon,” he stressed, although it is much more likely to steal votes on the right, not on the left.

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