Mia Khalifa answers Randolfe Rodrigues about Covid’s CPI: ‘I’m on my way’ – Prime Time Zone


Opposition senator posted about Pazuello and quoted the former porn star, who has already become a meme a few times in Brazil

Reproduction/Instagram/miakhalifa/19.07.2021Mia Khalifa replied to senator Randolfe Rodrigues on Twitter

A ex-porn star Mia Khalifa returned to bombing on social networks after again being related to CPI to Covid. It all started after a Twitter post by the senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) last Sunday, 18. “Instead of negotiating with Butantan, Pazuello went to negotiate Coronavac with a company that imports erotic products… Run here Mia Khalifa! I think they were using you as a smokescreen (laughs)”, wrote Randolfe while sharing a report by columnist Lauro Jardim, from the newspaper “O Globo”, who says that World Brands, the company with which former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello negotiated the purchase of vaccines, has several types of activities, including the import of “sex-shop items”. The model answered the senator and ended up in the most talked about topics on Twitter. “You guys are in crisis… I’m on my way,” Mia wrote with suitcase and plane emojis.

This was not the first time the Lebanese artist was involved in the Covid-19 CPI. Mia had already become a meme after her photo was used in posts with false information about chloroquine research that circulated on social media and messaging apps. Other virtual pranks involving the actress were made when the senator Luis Carlos Heinze (PP-RS) quoted in the commission a survey by the scientific magazine “The Lancet” that would have been commissioned by a company called Surgisphere, in which, according to him, a porn actress works. It is noteworthy that Mia’s name was not mentioned by Heinze, but people began to make jokes on social media due to a meme in which the artist becomes an infectious disease doctor who is conducting a study on chloroquine. Mia even shared a montage in which she appears testifying at the CPI. By posting that I was watching “Loki”, Marvel series available on Disney+, one follower commented: “She still finds time to save Brazil from Covid”. The former porn actress shared her montage on the CPI and wrote: “A woman of the people”.