Minister Ganguly’s question to YS Sharmila


Prime Time Zone, Karimnagar City: State BC Welfare Minister Ganguly Kamalakar demanded that YS Sharmila clarify his stance on the issue of annexation of seven zones in Telangana to Andhra Pradesh during the partition. In Telangana, the CM said that the KCR rule was going well and there was no need for representation of other regions. He spoke at a press conference on Friday. He said that CM KCR had laid a big foundation for public welfare and the proof for this was to give due priority to Karimnagar. Karimnagar city modernization in the name of city renovation has already started. He explained that the Maneru Riverfront had gone bankrupt by allocating funds in the budget.

It was announced that tenders for the works would be called in April. Nearly two-and-a-half acres of land will be available on either side of the LMD. Algunoor Bridge said water would be stagnant on both sides of the cable bridge. The construction of the retaining wall will cost Rs 320 crore and the construction of the check dams will cost Rs 80 crore. He said Karimnagar would become a good tourist spot in the state. Maneru Riverfront stands to be famous in the country. The meeting was attended by MLA Rasamai Balakishan, public representatives, corporators and others.

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Prime Time Zone Career Minister Ganguly's question to YS Sharmila

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