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Candidates and political parties are educating graduate voters on how to vote in MLC elections. There are a few things you must know when voting in an MLC election. Aventante ..?

Graduate Constituency MLC Elections: The time is approaching for the graduate election voting in Telangana. With a large number of candidates in the ring, many graduate voters are confused about the voting process. In addition, compared to the last 2015 MLC election .. The number of newly registered graduate voters is also huge. In the Hyderabad-Rangareddy-Mahabubnagar constituency, however, the graduate electorate has more than doubled. In addition, the number of candidates has tripled.

The Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda Graduate MLC constituency saw a huge increase in the number of voters. Candidates were also in large numbers. There is speculation that second-preference votes will be crucial as there is fierce competition among candidates. Candidates and political parties are educating graduate voters on the voting process in the upcoming MLC elections. Candidates are requesting voters to cast at least a second preference vote if the first preference cannot be cast at the same time.

There are a few things you must know when voting in an MLC election. Aventante ..?

# Ballot paper only contains the names of the candidates. Party symbols (symbols) are not printed next to their names even if they are contesting on behalf of political parties. If the candidates of the parties win, the certificate issued to them mentions which party they represent.

# Votes must be cast on a priority basis. They have to put the number 1 in the box next to their name to whom they want to vote. Don’t tick. Also it is not valid to mark the vote in any other way. Only number‌ should be entered. The vote is invalid even if it is written in letters.

# If there are so many candidates in the contest, the voter can cast all the preference votes, for example, this time there are 93 candidates in the ring in the Hyderabad graduate constituency. They can vote in their order of preference… 1, 2, 3, 4. Thus the preference given to them by the candidates can be put in the form of a number. So up to 93 can be prioritized.

# No matter how many priorities you give without giving first priority (No. 1) that vote is invalid.

#Only one can stop voting first preference or stop all preference votes as many as they want. However the sequence must not be in order of priority. For example, if you want to give 1 to the first preference and then put 3, 4, 5 out of order, then your vote is invalid if you need to count the second preference votes. Your vote will be considered until the first priority and then set aside.

# Giving the same number to two candidates invalidates the vote.

# Use the sketch pen given at the polling station to draw numbers on the ballot paper.

# Do not write, sign or fingerprint names on ballot paper. Failure to mark the ballot with numbers will result in any writing on the ballot being deemed invalid.

# Voting may also be by postal ballot if in other places as part of duty management. This requires following a set procedure. Authorized officer attestation is required

A formula to determine the winner

# After the counting of votes a certain formula will be followed to decide who will win. However, not technically, but roughly 50% of the valid votes in the polls should be + one vote. For example, if 3,60,020 votes are valid, then half of them must be 1,80,010 votes + 1. If at least 1,80,011 first-preference votes are cast, the winner is announced without seeing the second-preference votes.

# If none of the candidates receive the prescribed first preference votes then the second preference votes will be crucial.

# The candidate who gets the lowest number of votes among all the candidates in the ring will be excluded from the contest. Each vote cast for him is taken and the second priority (No. 2) is added to the vote. If there are two in the final with equal votes ఎవరి then who will be eliminated first will be decided by draw.

# Elimination‌ starts from the candidate with the lowest number of votes. After the last candidate అభ్యర్థి the candidate who is on his top will take the second preference votes for counting. I.e. gradually rising from the bottom.

# Candidates who are close to the magic mark in the first preference vote (the first two to three candidates with the highest number of votes) will have their votes increased if this second preference vote is changed. Doing so will bring you closer to success. This second preference vote count continues until someone receives the required number of votes (50 per cent + one vote) (the counting process is not stopped as soon as one gets the required number of votes. Those who reach the magic mark, including the second preference vote, are declared the winner.

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