‘Money from Fundão would end the drought in the northeast’, says Bolsonaro – Prime Time Zone


President believes that his veto will not result in political complications for the government and argued that the funds would be better applied in other areas

LECO VIANA/THENEWS2/ESTADÃO CONTENTPresident Jair Bolsonaro gave an interview to Prime Time Zone Itapetininga this Wednesday, 21

The president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) reaffirmed, in an interview with Young Pan News Itapetininga, this Wednesday, 21, which will veto the increase in Electoral Fund, also known as ‘Fundão’. The proposal, which is included in the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO), approved by the National Congress last week, proposes the destination of BRL 5.7 billion for the 2022 election campaigns. During the interview, Bolsonaro said he believed his veto would not result in political complications for the government and argued that the money would be better spent in other areas. “I’m going to veto and it’s up to parliament to overturn the veto or not. I sent the land reform to parliament and Rodrigo Maia let the MP lapse. Patience. When they approve something there and come here, I have no obligation to sanction it, I can also veto it. For my part, it’s not retaliation, it’s a question of governability. Hope you have no problem. I don’t think there will be,” said the president.

“Imagine this money in the hands of the minister [Rogério] Marine? It completes the São Francisco transposition, among other transpositions, and you end the drought in the northeast. With that money in the hands of Minister Tarcisio [da Infraestrutura] , it resurfaces a large part of the federal highways in Brazil and also completes the BR 319, Porto Velho-Manaus”, highlighted Bolsonaro. The head of the Executive said that the veto of Fundão is a wish of Brazilian society and, to corroborate his argument, Bolsonaro cited the poll carried out by the program “Os Pingos nos Is”, from the Young pan. The president has not yet decided whether to veto other points. “I await the opinion of our staff. Each ministry will have an opinion. We are going to veto the R$ 6 billion, which is the idea. We’re not going to end Fundão, because it’s a law and I don’t have that power. But it won’t be R$ 6 billion. The parliament has a way to resolve this in the vote on the Budget now at the end of the year”, he said.

Bolsonaro will present possible evidence of fraud in the 2014 elections next week

In recent days, Bolsonaro has promised to present evidence to prove that there was fraud in the 2014 elections, when the candidate Aécio Neves (PSDB) lost the dispute to Dilma Rousseff (PT). “I was told to talk about the vulnerability of the ballot boxes, but what I’m going to present is proof”, he assured. “In the 2014 elections, in the second round, the TSE allowed you to have minute-by-minute access to the count. 231 times he won Aécio, won Dilma, won Aécio, won Dilma. Minute by minute. This is the strongest indication of the probability of the system not being secure”, argued Bolsonaro, who stated that, if the system was really secure, the hacker who invaded the systems of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). “If we can put one more way to prove fairness, why are you going to be against it? When it was all right for us to approve, because I have a friendship and I spent 28 years there, Minister Barroso went to Congress, held meetings with party leaders and, from that moment on, the leaders change the members of the commission for people who will vote against. They want to overthrow the commission,” said the president. “In terms of resources, if I increase fundão to R$ 6 billion, I am willing to spend resources to show Brazil and the world that our electoral system is reliable”, he justified. According to Bolsonaro, the amount of evidence is “huge”, but the “new” will be presented on Thursday or Friday of next week.