Moraes determines Oswaldo Eustáquio’s arrest for the fourth time – Prime Time Zone


Request was issued after the participation of the blogger pocketnarista in the live of the truck driver Zé Trovão; in the live broadcast, the two asked for impeachment of the STF ministers

It is the fourth time that Oswaldo Eustáquio’s arrest has been determined by Alexandre de Moraes

For the fourth time, the minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes, decreed the journalist’s arrest Oswaldo Eustáquio. Anow, the motivation would be for a live made between the pocket blogger and the truck driver Ze thunder. QThe one reporting the situation is the journalist’s wife, Sandra Terena, through social media. Moraes also ordered the blocking of Eustáquio’s accounts on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, as he would have used the networks, in live broadcasts, to summon the population to the events of September 7th. THE Eustáquio’s defense said he was awaiting a formal communication from the Federal Police to present himself to the authorities. IThat’s why Eustachio would be in the Mexico City.

Já Zé Trovão returned to the scene on Tuesday, 7th, through a video that circulates on social networks. Nhe, the truck driver calls people to accompany the delivery of a request for impeachment by the ministers of the STF this Wednesday, 6, in the Federal Senate. “ÇIf the Senate does not appreciate the document, which will be valid for 24 hours, on Thursday we will summon the President of the Republic to take action that is his, he said. Zé Trovão also had his arrest decreed last week by Moraes at the request of the Attorney General of the Republic, but he remains a fugitive.

*With information from reporter Fernando Martins