Moreira is not D. Sancho and he wore the kevlar to take with candies from Selminho and regionalization


Rui Manuel Farinha / Lusa

The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira.

The Selminho case and regionalization marked the debate this Tuesday between the candidates for the Chamber of Porto. Rui Moreira absorbed the impact and came out on top.

The debate of the 11 municipal candidates for the Porto City Council began with moderator Hugo Gilberto asking Vladimiro Feliz if he had been second choice and if it was not true that two PSD leaders they offered the party’s support to Rui Moreira.

The Social Democratic candidate said that what he knows is not true. “There were conversations for another level of understanding”, he retorted.

“And Paulo Rangel?” asked Hugo Gilberto. Feliz replied that Rangel “is a European deputy and will want to fulfill that mandate”.

Even so, the protagonists of the debate would be the current mayor Rui Moreira and the socialist candidate Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro, because of dossiers like the Selminho case it’s at regionalization.

Barbosa Ribeiro accused Moreira of being a false regionalist because he voted “No” in the referendum of 1998. The socialist also mentioned that the mayor contradicts himself for not accepting the decentralization of competences.

“For me, there was regionalization tomorrow but there is a constitutional problem. I’ve always been a regionalist. The Porto City Council does not want to accept competences. There is a contradiction here,” he said, quoted by JN.

The CDU candidate, Ilda Figueiredo, intervened by saying that the only reason there was no regionalization in the country is because PS and PSD “understood to postpone” the reform. In turn, Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro guarantees that “there was no understanding with the PSD to postpone regionalization”.

“The truth is that the regionalization was not done because of all the parties”, retaliated Rui Moreira, explaining that, in the case of competences in the area of ​​Health, the autarchy would only “pay the employees and the cleaning”. “I would pay the ajax”, he added.

The candidates accused Rui Moreira of not knowing how to put a brake on the temporary lease, to which the mayor of Porto replied: “I don’t expect to take the name of the villager” which belongs to D. Sancho I.

There were also criticisms of mobility in the city, highlights the Expresso, the lack of support for the most fragile.

Rui Moreira did not stay on the defensive and started throwing some barbs at the other candidates. For example, for Vladimiro Feliz, he made criticism of Rui Rio’s management; and to Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro, criticized him for not having defended Porto in Parliament.

The debate could not end without talking about the Selminho case, which, in case of conviction, could lead to the loss of Rui Moreira’s term. “People who vote for PS are really voting for me”, stressed Barbosa Ribeiro.

PSD, Bloco and PPM accused him of having tried to use his power to benefit the family, while PS and CDU think the case will only be tried in court, not at the ballot box.

Rui Moreira reiterated that his family did not gain anything from the deal. “My family gained nothing from this. The Chamber won a piece of land. I hope that in October justice is done”, he fired.

Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro said that the Selminho case is not a political issue, but that he also does not bring the issue to the campaign because he doesn’t want to give Rui Moreira “an opportunity to victimize himself”.

efeb20e116d36b229fc2938a72878d80 Moreira is not D. Sancho and he wore the kevlar to take with candies from Selminho and regionalization Daniel Costa, ZAP //