Morning Tiffin: Are you skipping Tiffin! Beware Tasmat .. that’s all for you .. !!


Morning Tiffin: In the smart age, many young people go to Tiffin in the morning tired and busy. Also at night ..

Morning Tiffin: In the smart age many young people rush to tiffin in the morning with the rush of work and fatigue. It has also become common to have dinner late at night. However, missing breakfast like this .. Experts say that eating late at night is very dangerous to health.

Chaddannam, Idli, Dosha, Vada, Bread Toast, Omelette, Boiled Vegetables, Fruits. However, this age of speed often leads to skipping breakfast. Researchers say that not eating tiffin in the morning and eating late at night can lead to heart problems. In addition, research has shown that heart patients are more likely to die prematurely if they do this.

Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. Scientists who examined 113 heart patients over the age of 60 .. thoroughly learned about their daily habits. Of these, 58 per cent did not eat tiffin, while 51 per cent ate dinner late. In addition, 48 percent of those with these two disorders. It is also clear that they are in the most dangerous position.

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